We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and established strict new protocols

   Prevention procedures are put in line with guidance

   Enhanced our already stringent health and safety protocols to ensure compliance with the highest standards and certifications

   All reasonable steps to maintain the social distancing in all our spaces are taken

   Protocols to manage transmission risk enforced

The safety and well-being of our guests, team members, and partners is our longstanding commitment. We aim to make our guests be confident by knowing that we take absolute measures to ensure their stay on our premises is safe.

Being a smaller and independent hotel, we are able to quickly adapt and adhere to new guidelines and best practices. For this reason, to respond to the new challenges and to the evolving customer expectations, we have partnered with the “Accelerate Associates”, an established and experienced specialist in inspection, verification, testing, and certification.

As a result of this partnership, new strict hygiene standards and prevention protocols to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19 were designed. These are strictly adhering to the public health guidelines of the British Government and the World Health Organisation.

By implementing them, we ensure that all our valued guests and visitors will receive uncompromising care and service throughout their stay with us. View our Certificate of Covid-19 Premise Risk Assessment here. Also, below our listed our main points of focus:

Technical Solutions

The sliding entrance doors help to avoid non-essential physical contact.

All room key cards are disinfected with ultraviolet light prior to their issuance.

Contactless check-in is now available.

Contactless payment is also available.

Through WhatsApp, or even a plain text message, a guest can now request services or ask for guidance, pre-book a breakfast, and even check-out.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

The Bryson Hotel has implemented and follows the strict cleaning and disinfection protocols approved by the British Government and the World Health Organisation.

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the public and contact areas has increased. Also, disinfectant stations with high alcohol content hand sanitiser have been added throughout the hotel.


Full sanitisation of guestrooms after each departure.

During daily cleaning, a reinforced sanitisation process will be carried out on all frequent touch points.

All linens are washed at a high temperature for optimal disinfection.

Masks and gloves provided to housekeeping and maintenance teams.

Single-use amenities provided in each guest room.

From the moment the room has been cleaned, it will not be accessed by anyone but the guest.


Cleaning and disinfection protocol reinforced in the kitchen.

All our suppliers and kitchen staff required to respect strict sanitation and Food Safety protocols.

Procedures in place to ensure product handling is done following all established safety measures.

Single-use individually sealed food protocol, where required, is enforced to reduce human contact during the food handling and order delivery to the guest.


Sitting capacity has been reduced to ensure the standards of adequate space and socially distant set-up are followed.

Use of hospital-grade cleaning solutions and disinfectant products.

Paper menus are removed and replaced with digital ones.

Social Distancing

Where appropriate, signage and distance indicators are used to remind everyone of the importance to maintain social distance. Also, some of our indoor spaces and common areas have been reconfigured to qualify for the new requirements.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment is available to all our guests, staff, and contractors:

Guests: Access to the hydro-alcoholic gel, masks, and gloves.

Staff: All necessary Personal Protective Equipment is available for all our staff to make their work as safe as possible.

Contractors: All contractors, when entering the hotel, should adhere to our required safety measures.

Health & Safety Protocols for Employees

All team members will receive a wellness check upon returning to work. Then, the wellness screening, including temperature checks, will be done on daily basis.

Following training focused on educating and empowering our staff, we are now confident that every one of them has all necessary qualifications and skills to ensure correct and flowless implementation of the acquired knowledge.

All our employees use preventive equipment such hydro-alcoholic gel, masks, and gloves when is necessary.

Frequent use of sanitising products and handwashing are mandatory practices. Also, under control is the regular replacement of the used personal protective equipment. The workstations are cleaned and disinfected during and after every shift.

If feel unwell, the employees are empowered to stay home and to communicate their potential exposure to COVID-19 with management.

The shift patterns have been modified to avoid group gatherings. Also, fixed teams designed to minimise staff interaction.

Our staff will be able to locate for you all local hospitals, medical centres, and pharmacies.

As the situation will be changing, we will continue to ensure that all best available practices are implemented and followed. We will continue to monitor national and international organisations and listen to our guests to adjust and adapt accordingly in a fast way as possible.

To keep this guidelines at hand, you can download this PDF file here.

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